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Catalog Number 2015.02.06
Accession number 2015.02.01-
Artist Dock, Christopher, d. 1771 (attributed to)
Place of Origin Skippack Township, Montgomery County, PA
Date 1747
Material Laid paper (watermarked), ink, watercolor
Dimensions H-7.5 W-12.125 inches
Height (ft) 0.625
Height (in) 7.5
Width (ft) 1.01
Width (in) 12.125
Description Vorschrift (writing model) for Gerhard Bechtel. Light blue borders, red-and-yellow capitals. An address to the student is given in two lines of fraktur lettering at the top (the second smaller and with no color); followed by a spiritual teaching in nine lines of German script; a section of alphabets (in German and English script), numbers, and the date "Anno Domini Christi 1747"; and a final section containing a line in English at the bottom. The top and side borders include ink swirl designs. On the reverse are six verses in German script of a "Schüler lied [Scholar's Song]" to the tune "Schmücke dich o liebe seele". The tune is noted on a single musical staff. The paper is watermarked in the center with what appears to be a flower.
Condition Good
Condition date 2015-02-13
Condition Notes Edges are worn and torn slightly. Ink ate through first line of text. Mounted on rice paper.
Provenance Attributed to Christopher Dock (d. 1771), probably in the Skippack Mennonite School.

Gerhard Bechtel (1738-1796) was probably the son of George and Maria Bechtel, immigrants who settled in Hereford Township, Berks County. Though his parents bought land in Hereford in 1734, it's possible they or their son were living at Skippack in 1747. They may have had relatives there. See Hershey, "This Teaching I Present" (Good Books, 2003), p. 175.

Gerhard Bechtel is buried in the Hereford Mennonite Cemetery.
People Dock, Christopher, d. 1771
Bechtel, Gerhard, 1738-1796
Gerhard Bechtel Dem \ Schencke Ich Diese Lehr, Sie Dient auch Mir und andern Mehr. Zu üben stets Zu GOTTes Ehr.

Seÿ fromm Ufrecht und treu, geduldig Und Verschwiegen \ fleuch wollust müssiggang. Meÿd hoffart Zanck und Lügen \ Waß dir auff dieser Erd, Von Gottes hand beschehrt, mit dem laß dich begnügen \ Und weill zu dieser Zeit, die Wölff in schaafes Kleid, sich zeigen angenehm, so Traue und schaue wem, \ Theill dem mit der nichts hat, das übrig halt zu rath, ersuche deinen Gott um gnade früh und spath, \ gib gern dem dürfftigen, entschlag dich vieller sorgen, waß du noch heut Kanst thun, das spaare nicht biß morgen, \ Nimm frommer leute Lehr, Und warnung treulich an, Vergiß auch dessen nicht der dir hat guts gethan, \ halt treue freunde werth, laß falsche hertzen fahren, bedencke das wir all vergehen mit den Jahren, \ Vor allem Trachte stets, und Zwar Zu Jeder frist, nach dem das Ewig währt, nach dem das Troben ist.
[lower and upper case script alphabet, German]
[lower and upper case script alphabet, English]
Anno Domini Christi 1747

Honour and Dominion Belongs unto the Omnipotent Jehovah

Schüler lied Im Thon: Schmücke dich o liebe seele
[line of musical notation]

1. Edler meister aller Tugend
Jesu lehre meine Jugend
Dieses ist waß ich begehre
Ach er höre mich mein Herre
Dieses bitte ich vor allen
Lehr mich thun nach deim gefallen
Lehre mich in allen dingen
Deinen willen Zu Vollbringen

2. Lehr mich meiden alle freuden
Welche mich von dir abscheiden
Lehre mich die welt verschmähen
Weill Doch alles muss vergehen
Lehre mich der Wollust strassen
Gern und willig zu verlassen
Lehre mich in diesen dingen
Meines fleisches Lust zu zwingen

3. Lehre uns den Vatter Kennen
Und von hertzen aba Nennen
Lehr und gib dein geistes gaben
Unsre hertzen zu erlaben
Lehr und öffne das verständnis
Gib Unß weisheit Und erkendnis
Lehr unß glauben gib unss liebe
stärck unß durch dein geistes triebe

4. Lehr unss wachen lehr unß bäten
wenn die NNoth herein thut tretten
Lehr unß dann mit glaubensflügel
schwingen nach der sternen hügel
Lehr unß seufzen lehr unß singen
Laß es durch die wolcken dringen
Lehr unß hoffen mit verlangen
biß wir hülff und trost Empfangen

5. Lehr unß auch gedultig leiden
steh unß beÿ auff allen seiten
Lehr unß in der sanfft muth stehen
wann der feind den grimm läßt sehen
Lehr und stärck unß im der wahrheit
Deines worts mit Krafft und Klarheit
Lehr und hülff unß über winden
welt fleisch Teufel höll und sünden

6. nun O meister aller Tugend
Jesu lehr und führ unß Jugend
führe unß auff deinen wegen
schmück und ziere unß mit segen
Laß unß wachsen in der Jugend
In gottseeligkeit und tugend
Und dir hier stets Lob erweisen
Auch dort Ewiglich dich preisen.

To Gerhard Bechtel this teaching I present. It has served me and others as well, to always pratice the honor of God.

Be pious, upright and faithful, patient and reserved of tongue. Flee lusts and idleness; avoid pride, strife and lying. Be satisfied with that which you have received from God's hand upon this earth. And since in this time, now, wolves clad in sheep's clothing show themselves pleasantly, so trust and behold whom[?]. Share with him who has not; the rest keep in reserve. Petition your God for grace, early and late. To the needy, gladly give. Cast off from you much sorrow. What you can do today, save not for tomorrow. Accept faithfully the teachings and warnings of pious ones. Also, forget not those who have done good to you; your faithful friends hold dear. Let false hearts go their way. Remember that we all must, with the years, decay. Above all, constantly strive, at all times, for that which is eternal, that which is on high.
[lower and upper case script alphabet, German]
[lower and upper case script alphabet, English]
Year of the Lord Christ 1747

Honour and Dominion Belongs unto the Omnipotent Jehovah.

Scholar's song on the tune: Adorn thyself, O dear soul [in English, commonly known as "Soul, adorrn thyself with gladness"]
[line of musical notation]

1. Noble master of all virtue,
Jesus, in my youth, instruct me,
This is all that I desire,
O my Lord, now listen to me,
This, before all else, I bid thee,
Teach me to do all that doth please thee,
To fulfill thy will faithfully.

2. Teach me all joys to be avoiding,
Which would me, from thee, be dividing,
Teach me the world to be disdaining,
Since all things must be decaying,
Teach me the streets of lustful living,
gladly and willingly to be leaving,
Then, in all these things, instruct me
How my fleshly lust to vanquish.

3. Teach us, then, to know our Father,
And, in our hearts, to call him, Abba,
Teach and give the gifts of thy Spirit,
And our hearts anoint now with them,
Teach and open our understanding,
Give us wisdom and perception,
Teach us faith and give us love,
Strengthen us by thy Spirit's impulse.

4. Teach us watching, teach us praying,
When trouble would come in upon us,
Teach us then with wings of faith,
To fly up to the hills of stars,
Teach us sighing, Teach us singing,
Let it through the clouds be ringing,
Teach us with desire to hope,
Until we help and comfort receive.

5. Teach us with patience then to suffer,
Stand with us in all conditions,
Teach us in quietness to abidem
When the enemy shows his fierceness,
Teach and strengthen us in the Truth,
Of thy word with power and clarity
Teach and help us to overcome
World, Flesh, devil, hell, and sin.

6. Now, O Master of all virtue,
Jesus, teach and lead us, young ones,
Lead us then in all thy ways,
Ornament us with thy blessing,
Let us in our youth be growing
In godliness and in virtue,
And, here below, thy praise be showing,
And there, eternally thee be praising.
Related Publications Hershey, Mary Jane Lederach. This Teaching I Present: Fraktur from the Skippack and Salford Mennonite Meetinghouse Schools, 1747-1836. Intercourse, PA: Good Books, 2003, pp. 58-59, 175.
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